#1: We Return Phone Calls Promptly and Show Up on Time

At Legend, we confidently guarantee that your calls will be answered every single time. Other contractors are happy to put up their phone numbers on their sites only for you to have to wait forever to speak to someone. Even worse, many never keep their promises to show up at the agreed upon time, forcing you to keep rescheduling your calendar to accommodate their inconveniences.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of courtesy to our clients. This means being available for your calls and most importantly, showing up when we say we will.

Like everything else in life, unexpected things come up and we too are not immune from such situations. If, for whatever reason, we cannot make it on time we will give you a call to inform you that we are running late. Our clients are the most important aspect of our business. As such, we do our best to maintain your confidence in us. You can trust our promise.

#2: We are Committed to Giving our Clients the Best and Most Helpful Information

When was the last time a business gave you valuable information without demanding that you buy something from them? Our goal is to have our customers well informed in areas of home building and remodeling. This empowers you to make the best decisions regarding our services.

We have been around a while​, gaining many years of deep experience in every aspect of home remodeling. We have encountered just about every challenge homeowners go through and we have come up with creative solutions every time. We are therefore very confident when we say that we are in the best position to educate our clients.

All those years of knowledge and experience are used for your benefit. So when you make an informed decision, you will feel happy and confident about it.

#3: We Provide Detailed, Thought Out and Client-centric Proposals

A proposal is a very crucial part of any project. It sets out what the project entails, spells out the timetable in place for the project and puts down estimate prices for every stage of the project. Understanding its importance in successfully and professionally completing your project, we place great focus on giving you the best, most informative and most comprehensive proposal.

In many cases, we will even go as far as providing several price ranges. One reason for this is that nothing is ever a sure thing at the early stage of a project. Unexpected things often come up midway through. By planning for several possible cost scenarios, we ensure that you will not be caught unprepared.

The success of any project is in the planning. This is an area we pay a lot of attention to.

#4: We Have a Hand Picked Team

A company is only as good as the team behind it. Our team is not just good, it is great. They have a lot of experience and are knowledge in their respective areas of expertise, be it carpentry, design or logistics. Most importantly, they are all dedicated to one goal; leaving every client happy and satisfied. No effort is spared towards achieving this goal.

Our team is varied, with different experts within it, thus enabling us to handle multiple aspects of a project. We have project managers responsible for managing different projects. We have a designer to help with creating the best final design that suits your taste, needs and budget. Our in-house estimator, in collaboration with a project manager, is responsible for giving you price and time estimates for your project and ensuring that the project is progressing smoothly and within schedule.

We are not a large company but we have a team big enough to handle each client’s case individually and with full attention.

#5: We Use the Best and Most Experienced Trade Partners

Our quality assurance does not end with our immediate team; it extends to the trade partners we hire for our project. With the aim of providing our clients with the best and highest quality of services, we only go for the most qualified and experienced craftsmen. Every aspect of the project, whether done by our team or by one of our partners, bears our guarantee and mark of excellence.

We have an existing team of electricians, plumbers and other specialized professionals that we hire for many of our projects. Having worked closely together on so many projects, we can attest to their quality workmanship. We trust them like they are family. So you need not worry that a subcontractor will not do as quality a job as one of our team members. Both our staff and subcontractors have a similar goal of leaving each and every customer satisfied with the work done.

#6. We Always Give Honest Advice to our Clients, Even if it Does Not Benefit Us

For us, the bottom-line is not profit. It is the experience we deliver our clients. One of our main principles is ensuring that our clients are well informed on the decisions they are making. Since we are the ones with the experience and knowledge, we are in the best position to provide quality advice.

This advice is not available only when we stand to benefit. We are ready to give it out at any time, regardless of the situation. So even when we do not stand to benefit in anyway, we will still give you the best advice. You do not have to use our services for us to help you; that is not our principle.

Whether you need advice on cost, materials or design, just contact us and our experts will give you honest advice.

#7: Most of our Clients Say Our Pricing Falls in the Middle

Since starting Legend Design Build, one of our major goals has been to provide a great, uniquely tailored experience to every customer while keeping pricing fair. Many of our customers say that we have achieved that goal, and we could not be more glad.

We are not a huge company with hundreds of employees or a grand showroom. If it were so, we would be charging top dollar for our services. We are also not a one-man show struggling to deliver to each client a unique quality experience. We fall right in the middle. While we are small enough to keep overheads reasonable, we are also large enough to handle each customer request with the dedication it requires.

We can handle, effectively, a large project requiring a big budget, a lot of time and several subcontractors. We can also handle small projects that require just a few days of work. In both cases, our guarantee for quality workmanship remains the same.

Each project we take on becomes a personal quest with the goal of delivering a service tailored to your needs. In the end, you enjoy a professional and highly personalized service at a great value for the money you spend. Our customers are satisfied with our services and prices, there is no reason you will also not be satisfied.

#8: We Stand by Our Work

We have every confidence in our team and the quality of work they deliver to our clients. As a show of this confidence, we guarantee every aspect of our work. Whatever project we are involved in, we will stand by it. Our guarantee lasts for five years from the end of the project. During these five years, we are responsible for any workmanship issues that may arise as a result of our work.

It is important to note that the industry standard is a one year guarantee. Unfortunately, this is barely enough time to judge the quality of the work done. It is easy for exploitative contractors to deliver substandard work, knowing that their guarantee will not last long enough to test their workmanship.

So before you accept another company’s offer with a single year guarantee, ask yourself whether you really trust their work quality. It is your hard-earned money on the line. Poor quality work will not only waste your money, it will cost you even more of it when you have to repair the damage later.

We are the company to choose if you want to rest easy and with confidence knowing that you are adequately covered for 5 full years. We are proud of the work we do and are more than willing to stand by it.

#9: We are Ready for Issues and Will Do Our Best to Resolve Them

Every project is different in many aspects. But one thing they all have in common is the fact that a problem will arise somewhere in the course of it. We have learned this from our years of experience helping clients remodel their homes.

When we take on a project, we do so with full realization that we will have to deal with an unexpected problem or two later on. This is why we are ever ready for the unexpected. Whether it is a small issue to do with order delivery or a major problem that requires completely rethinking the original plan, we are ready.

One thing that defines our team is their ability to come up with creative and timely solutions to any problem. When a problem comes up, the project manager will be there within hours or minutes to personally assess the problem and start thinking of a solution. We will not be there days or weeks later; every problem is addressed immediately with the aim of resolving it as quickly as possible.

As our client, you can rest comfortably knowing that your project is in the best hands. No matter what happens, there are highly experienced people to handle every situation.

#10: Our Clients Are Happy and They Keep Coming Back

One measure of a successful business is how many repeat customers they get. Repeat business is a sign of happy customers who are more than willing to pay for your services again and again. We have a long list of happy customers, many of whom have sought our services repeatedly.

By leaving a positive lasting impression in our customer’s minds, we turn them into loyal customers who will not hesitate to contact us again. Over the years, we have made numerous loyal customers, who have become like family to us. They have become our most ardent salespeople, selling our brand to their friends, neighbors, colleagues and families.

At Legend, we measure our success based on the happiness of our customers. Considering how many customers have remained in contact with us, we can confidently say that we are a successful business.

#11: We Adhere to a Written Code of Ethics

Our services are driven by a strict code of ethics, which our team and trade partners adhere to. 

  • We only promote products and services of high quality and fair prices and which adhere to set health and safety standards.
  • All our advertising and sales promotions will be factually accurate and will avoid any intentional misleading or deception to customers.
  • All our contracts and warranties are written in such a way that they comply with requisite federal, state and local laws.
  • We will promptly respond, with appropriate action, to customer complaints.
  • We will avoid any action whose intended consequence is to inhibit trade or suppress competition.
  • We will obtain and retain insurance coverages as directed by federal, state and local law.
  • We will obtain and retain registration and/or licensing as required by federal, state and local law.
  • We will take necessary actions to protect the health and safety of our staff, contractors and clients.

This list is not just a written list of our code of ethics; it is our actual way of doing business in alignment with our core values. It represents our business model based on adherence to the law, proper treatment of our employees and contractors and the best service to our clients.

#12: We Maintain Air Quality and Cleanliness in Our Clients’ Homes

Remodeling work can get messy. Dust and other small articles stirred up during work can adversely affect air quality, not only for the duration of the project, but also for a long time afterwards. This is especially so if the dust particles settle on furniture and other parts of the house. This can be a serious health risk to a client’s family.

To maintain air quality, we have invested in a system called Build Clean. The system uses several filters to continually clean the air and keep dust particles from floating into other parts of the house.